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Identity and value proposition in a platform perspective for Nowr

Aligning team and service offered to (re)define value proposition and strategic positioning


Event management and promotion software


  • Analysis of the ecosystem and value exchanges
  • Analysis of internal and external stakeholders and their journeys
  • Definition of the values of own organizational culture
  • Team alignment for a platform approach to the business
  • Definition of a new value proposition and the business model

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The need

NOWR is an application created to find, share and organizw local events. On the occasion of the second application release and with the aim of drawing up the new brand book designed by Caratti e Poletto, the NOWR team felt the need of a strategic alignment.

The insight

We proposed to Nowr a journey to analyze and redesign its value proposition according to a renewed platform model. Value Proposition Design is a phase of Business Design dedicated to delineating the value proposition of a business. Explaining a value proposition means focusing on the main stakeholders, their personas, outlining their job-to-be-done, gains and pains and framing them in a holistic service experience framework. Thus, the business idea finds its uniqueness and reason for focusing on its fundamental values and customers needs.

The solution

We worked on this project from a service perspective, our aim was to accompany the customer in a participatory process, reflecting on the business idea’s values and reasons in order to explain its contents with coherence and consistency. The result of this strategic facilitation work was then concretized by the creative team of Caratti e Poletto in the 63 pages of the NOWR brand book.


We ideated a work path using canvases specifically designed for the business model of the platform and its implications of complexity and interaction, visual tools that would translate the process and its analysis facilitating connections, comparisons and reflections.
In this case, we mixed our Innovation by Design approach, with the frameworks developed by the Platform Innovation Kit by M. Walter, N. Dumas, S. Frost e A. Friede.

Tipic valute proposition workshop for Nowr

Our intervention

4 phases, three co-creation sessions with the client and a fourth phase of synthesis and return of the work done.

Phase 1
Who, what and where
The first day of the workshop was dedicated to focusing on "Why, What and Where" with the aim of aligning the team on the context and the idea, starting a discussion on the contents, clarifying the values and concepts at stake.
Phase 2
How and why

We dedicated the second day of the workshop to the
"How and Why" with the aim of identifying the stakeholders and their needs. Then we mapped their journey through the service offered by NOWR.

Phase 3

The third day of the workshop was dedicated to "Values" to summarize the work carried out in the previous moments in a coherent vision where values, vision and mission of NOWR and all the useful elements to define its values ​​and contents are expressed in a shared way.

Phase 4

We devoted the last phase to exposing of the results of the strategic analysis and with a particular focus on the  guidelines and contents required for the creation of the new company profile and brand book. What is Nowr, what is our reason why, what we do, how we do it, our values, our identity, our target.

Tipic Nowr Workshop

Strategic Analysis sessions with the Nowr team

This Journey let the complete NOWR team focusing on explicit, consistent and shared values, expressing their business idea with one voice. The augmented awareness of the experience users do moving through NOWR business model, let the team to approach the re-branding process and the re-launch activities with a consistent and informed purpose.




Event management and promotion software


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