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Market Analysis for Area Manuale

Verifing a company's opportunities in a b2b market

Area Manuale Prototyping


Small series prototyping and production


  • Identification of key stakeholders
  • Analysis of market and key industry trends
  • Analysis of different business models of competitors
  • Comparison and strategic analysis

Area Manuale Prototyping

The need

Zamperla Group, a leader company in Amusement Parks and Attractions design and constructions, renowned maker of coasters & rides all over the world, asked us to conduct a market research and benchmarking for its modeling & prototyping unit to investigate possible market outputs and business unit strategic positioning in the future years.

The insight

How to evaluate the present and future positioning of a “model & prototype maker” company with high artistic value, positioned in a the amusement parks high value b2b supply chain, that is experiencing the tension between digital evolution and hands-on human processing? We combined quantitative research methods (data, numbers and turnovers) with qualitative research methodologies (accurate one-to-one interviews) to return an organic summary that integrates the analysis of the current market and the unspoken wishes of customers, the influencers future trends and the key investments now happening in the market. The aim of the research was to let the leadership team (a joint team of Area’s Manuale and Zamperla’s Group c-levels) to inform as well as possible their future decisions and to re-design a new value proposition for Area Manuale.

The solution


Area Manuale work tools

The market analysis "as is"

We started from an internal analysis to map the internal expertises, the problems Area Manuale solves to its clients and the possible complementary skills within the Zamperla group.

The first two weeks of work were dedicated to a series of internal interviews involving the Area Manuale team and the key figures in the Group internal supply chain (operations, art–direction, r&d, hightech–Lab). We interviewed about 10 people in the group.

Mapping of the Area Manuale's offer

This analysis was followed by the mapping of industrial sectors with compatible needs fitting with Area Manuale capabilities, investigating the market sectors of: Amusement parks, Pet Products, Hunting Weapons & Rifles, Outdoor Furnishings, Indoor Furnishings, Bathroom Furnishings, Orthopaedic Footwear, Household Goods, Garden, Industrial and Agricolture Equipments and Machinery, Medical and fitness, Small appliances, Professional cleaners, Office seats, Security and home automation, Sport equipments.

We conducted about 20 interviews with different subjects, to identify when and how manufacturing companies from diverse market sectors look for external prototyping services, product development services, small series production services and how they value digital and manual competencies.

Models developed in one year by the companies interviewed

Approach 1

Approach 2

Advantage perceived by the companies interviewed

Approach 1

Approach 2

Market analysis "trend & insight"

The in-depth interviews with R&D managers, product managers, designers and opinion leaders from prospect companies, allowed us to detect in a wider vision gains and pains of the prototype management in manufacturing companies and the production of high value small series for luxury brands.

Small series production

The benchmarking

Finally, we mapped out external competition, identifying local and national companies that offer similar modelling, prototyping and product development services.

We compared their competencies set, their value proposition and their business models to inform and enhance the vision of future possibilities.

Comparison of the different types of competitors


Area Manuale, part of Zamperla Group


Small series prototyping and production





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