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Innovation team coaching for Marca Corona

Enabling a player in ceramic surfaces to service innovation

Marca Corona brand experience strategy development


Ceramic surfaces for architecture


  • Team needs analysis
  • Internal training pathway enabling omnichannel design
  • Support and coaching in the design phase

Marca Corona brand experience strategy development

The need

Designing a training course for the marketing department, focused on learning skills to support the design of both physical and digital retail experiences.

The insight

Proposing a hybrid path of training and coaching to enable the internal team in service design methodologies from a omni-channel perspective. In this way we could support the transition from a product-centric to a customer-centric strategy by starting with a circumscribed action.

The solution

With the aim of working directly experimenting on a real project, the innovation of the customer experience in the company showroom, we organised an integrated training course specifically designed to be enjoyed online, consisting of:


  • Personal lectures;
  • Collaborative workshops, preparatory to the specific project;
  • Coaching for the development and implementation of a specific project, that integrates physical and digital experiences for the corporate showroom.
Marca Corona Retail Experience

Our intervention

The project was divided into 4 modules, for a total of 40 hours dedicated to coaching and customer experience innovation

Module 1

Customers Experience:
an omni-channel approach

2 taught classes
1 workshop hands-on

There is no more distinction between physical space and online space, for consumers this difference disappeared. This is leading to a huge innovation in the retail system that is having to redesign its customer touchpoints to ensure a coherent and integrated experience.
In this module we analyzed, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, what the omnichannel approach and the customer experience are, and how to create a coherent value proposition across all contact points with the brand.We learned to empathize with our users and to identify and map the interactions that occur between the customer and the brand (the customer journey) through a series of touchpoints.

Module 2

Experience Design:
A Customer-Centric Process

2 taught classes

The Experience Design focuses on the customer experience to generate engagement and emotions and empathize with the brand. In this module we have analyzed real examples and case studies of Experience Design that integrate the physical and digital world. We have seen how the two dimensions are not simply complementary, but coexist and feed on each other, thus giving life to an integrated ecosystem.

Module 3

The Phygital Experience

2 taught classes
1 workshop hands-on

What is phygital? How does the phygital approach support innovation of retail transforming customer experience in an immervise experience? How can you increase customer engagement and the efficacy of the brand storytelling thanks to a physical and digital integrated design? In this module we tried to answer these and other questions. We analyzed together the different types of phygital experiences and the innovative applications of consolidated technologies to create multi-layered & mixed-reality retail experiences that combine physical and digital touchpoints.

Module 4

Coaching Project
“Brand Phygital Experience”

Coaching for the development and implementation of "Marca Corona phygital experience" project, a specific plan that integrates physical and digital experiences for corporate showrooms and retail networks.

Tipic coaching for Marca Corona
Tipic coaching Marca Corona marketing team to innovate its customer experience

Coaching in the Empathy phase to explain the stakeholders' experience and to inform the brief of  the innovation project.


Marca Corona


Ceramic surfaces for architecture

Intervention typologies




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