We are marketing strategy & development experts.

Tipic transforms your business using a wide range of tools from social science, service design, efficiency and strategic methods.

How we work

We work shoulder to shoulder to the management and to the teams helping companies
to grow and change, exploiting resources and expanding culture.

We are a multidisciplinary team who develops tailor-made projects
for startups and corporations with a method.

1. What we do

We map the company identity and how is perceived.

TIPIC maps the company identity and how is perceived.
Internal Analysis

We work with teams, we know the people and we do qualitative research with methodologies from social sciences. We conducting interview the key figures to understand motivations, needs and experiences, reconstructing an image of the company through the people who make it up, identifying a portrait of the present and an aspirational picture.

External Analysis

We map the company’s external network and we do a series of interviews to picture how the company is perceived, what are its strengths, what are its weaknesses, ambitions and problems of the stakeholders. We identify the insights of threats and opportunities, and the problems to be solved.

2. What we do

We explore and understand the business and the environment to mine future insights.

TIPIC explores and understand the business and the environment to mine future insights.

We explore the market, identify direct and indirect competitors, check the positioning, track current and future trends.
We verify in the field the insights from internal and external research and we observe the approach and the behaviour of the market main players.

Being aware of the state of the market and future trends allows us to return a picture of the market with highlights of possible links with the company potential. This is the base work to identify new opportunities.

3. What we do

We design strategies and make it real.

TIPIC designs strategies and make it real.

Through our immersive research into human needs and experiences, market insights and trends, we develop together with the company a strategy and an action plan to leverage their assets to:

• differentiate and grow their business;
• innovate their value proposition;
• forge strong customer relationships.

To engage the company teams and make the change tangible, we work with a variety of tools and methodologies that enhance participation, speed and effectiveness.
Our method blends the service design approach with lean and agile methodologies. We called it Thinkingram.

4. What we do

We exploit strategies to develop the business.

TIPIC exploits strategies to develop the business.

Innovative ideas are only valuable if they become real. Execution comes through an action plan.

Tipic sets a roadmap to test, prototype and scale solutions; sets kpi to measure results; develops and manages specific actions to deliver value, activate markets and increase leeds.

How we work

We have a method. We call it Thinkingram.

American Journal of Management & Academy for Design Innovation Management Case Study
Our Methodology

Thinkingram” is our possible answer to the emerging need to integrate qualitative and quantitative methods; vision and execution; design thinking, strategy, and marketing with company efficiency methods; in a single framework.

The modularity of this approach enhances the individual phases without losing the overall vision. It is an advantage in complex projects in which different subjects and skills are called to collaborate.

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