Hi, my name is Tipic,
and I want to tell you a story.

Plant a forest!

Plant a forest.
Use businesses as a force for good.

Tipic local initiative 2018
Digital content in physical space

Digital Content in physical space.
Imagine apps whose screen format is the real world.

Tipic Stories Chapter #5
Virtuoso spirit

Virtuoso Spirit.
The shared identity of the italian furniture & interior bespoke system.

Tipic Stories Chapter #4
Inside out

Inside Out.
Disclosing content to support implementation.

Tipic Stories Chapter #3
Rethinking the box

Rethinking the box.
Capture what is not said in the story.

Tipic Stories Chapter #2
New normality

New Normality.
Combine new products with new cultural codes.

Tipic Stories Chapter #1