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New Normality

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Innovation brings new cultural codes for a “new normality”.

Tipic Italiangestures: engaging responsive installation in public space

We exist because we have a purpose: matching Design with Strategic Marketing and enabling Visionaries to become Doers, writing interesting stories, for companies and their customers. Like this.

At the end of 2015 we were asked by Marmo Arredo, an Italian company leading in quartz surfaces and stone manufacturing, to design a kitchen. We proposed a different strategy: to present itself as the outsourcing partner that can develop the best technological solutions for kitchen manufacturing companies. So we experimented an innovative worktop – the place where the user performs the action he loves, cooking – by developing new technological modular solutions making the surface responsive, controlled by a simple natural hand gesture. Never seen before.

New technological solutions
making the surface responsive
by a simple hand gesture.
Never seen before.

We understand that a gesture is the discovery, the surprise and the sense of wonder. It imitates an idea, a need, a desire. With the voice you can command and – perhaps – receive a reply. With a gesture you yourself are the thought and action. Not to order, but to create a new order. The gesture calls for participation and is inclusive, it anticipates and reveals meaning at the same time.

combines new products
with new cultural codes
for a “new normality”.

We realise that this concept could be applied to other objects and furniture of all living environments, like offices, homes, resturants, hotels and more. We needed a name and what could be better than #Italiangestures to describe a direction to combine new products with new cultural codes to create a “new normality” or, in others words, an every day use and deep intimacy brand.

At the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2017 #tipic #Italiangestures became a sequence of applications that responded to gestures of people, inviting them to explore and interact with objects, space, curiosity.

Tipic Italiangestures: emotional analytics

The gestural experience is designed to offer an increasing involvement: from a dynamic wall that follows us by creating a real light wave to a flexible mirror that warps our image, bending depending on how we move and a window opens up and reveals what lies beyond. The result is a playful interactive exploration of objects and space around us.

In Milan 12,911 people took part in the first live testing & emotional analytics of #tipic #italiangestures. We surprised 8,556 people and collected 13,930 smiles!

All this is so much but it’s not all. Let yourself be surprised too. Tipic is a lot more. Shall we meet?

12,911 people
took part in the first
live testing
& emotional analytics.

New interactions in retail

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