Tipic stories Chapter 4
Virtuoso Spirit

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⁄ Vir·tu·o·so ⁄ Spir·it ⁄
Extremely skilled at something, especially at playing an instrument or performing

The manufacturing background of the Italian furniture & interior bespoke system hides a shared identity that we named “Virtuoso Spirit”. Observing them in their operative intimacy, interior bespoke solutions firms unveil an elaborate network work made of service, versatility, customization and complex orders management. Different and peculiar processings masterfully systematized. Carpentries, glassmakers, marble factories, smitheries, upholsteries are all companies united by a craftsman attitude, attention to detail, flexibility, customization and quality.

A shared identity
“Virtuoso Spirit”

Virtuoso Spirit is the storytelling with whom we want to celebrate this italian heritage by emphasizing its shared identity because moving the focus from a single subject to a plurality is today, in our opinion, the most important challenge.

Bespoke has its own logic, specific professionals and requires customized marketing.
Companies who want to approach it face a cultural change that includes design processes and business models: they have to put networking and complexity management first.

The bespoke world
is devoted
to aggregation

The bespoke world is devoted to aggregation not only in terms of production and management. Joining the marketing efforts of the various players involved in a turn-key project conveys a communication power that is fundamental to reveal new business opportunities. Creating a shared identity in the Spirit of an ever more Virtuouso paradigm.

This is a consideration born observing the entities of our territory. Italian SMEs, and especially those related to design, have just started to become a group and the bespoke market is an excellent opportunity to educate ourselves to the concept of shared identity.

The business model of Italian design is in fact particularly appreciated for its specific nature, a particularly happy combination of industrial and craft production techniques that represent Italy at its best. Because the “Italian way” of working tells an original way of using the mind, the heart, the hands.

Virtuoso Spirit describes all this, to remind us that moving from a single subject to a plurality is today first need and opportunity. To transform the “I” in “us” is needed, one in many, amplifying the gaze, tracing a path that no longer belongs to a single person, but to an entire community.

The “Italian way”
of working
tells an original way
of using the mind,
the heart, the hands.

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