Thinkingram: How we work.

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What does strategy, design and integrated consultancy mean to us?
Why we are a multidisciplinary group and what advantages does it entail?

New directions.
Feasible and

We define our approach strategic because, placing ourselves alongside the management, we propose new directions. Feasible and measurable. To achieve results even in territories difficult to cross. Feeding technological transfers, bringing know-how, training people.

We listen, we investigate, we interview, we analyze. Combining marketing and design methodologies in a participatory process with which we come to define the objectives together with the company.

Objectives that we then translate into the generation of ideas that we prototype and test, accompanying the company until the product is born. Into the generation of the marketing and the communication that the product needs. By listening and helping it grow, implementing the results of a continuous research.

Tipic, how we work: the Thinkingram flow

Different skills and
experiences that help to
achieve a broader vision.

We know how to do it because we are born as designers, so we know the production process and materials, we know how to translate technical skills into actions. And we have a strong inclination to problem solving, because we have grown as project managers, we know the dynamics of complex work groups, responsibility and planning, budget problems and the need to mediate to achieve the final result.

It is our idea of a group in which we combine different skills and experiences that contribute to a broader vision of which we are all responsible together, cross-contaminating each other and improving.

“Serendipity is hot brainstorming with cool people”

This flow of words is nothing more than the way we propose design thinking, the processes of which we have summarized in 7 phases: Empathize, Define, Plan, Ideate, Prototype, Test, Implement. Each time we combine it differently because each project is different. But the method remains unique, because we are disciplined.

Like in the tagram game.
We like to call it Thin_kin_gram.
Shall we play together?

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