Tipic for Blackbody: Lucky Eye on show

Oleds are organic diodes that emit light , implemented in very thin surfaces that measure less then 1 millimeter. Long lasting ( 20.000 hours lifespan), ultra thin and without reflexes, with no heat emission, these innovative light panels will be able to reinvent everyday home lighting.

Tipic for Blackbody: Bonzai on show
Tipic for Blackbody: Bonzai on show

Our work consisted in managing design, presentations and publications during 2 years to explain the public with real examples the potential of the this disruptive technology.
To develop the brand reputation and the public imaginary about oled we develop a series of lighting fixtures that combine the highly innovative lighting source with different materials and applications, going from quality craftsmanship to modular industrial design. The resulting products and samples were on show in two exhibits at the Triennale Museum of Milan.


In the research conducted along with Blackbody, we were able to merge oled technological studies along with the ability of Italian maestros to accomplish a series of unique products that could showcase the potential of this new lighting source.

Tipic for Blackbody: Event at Paris Observatory
Tipic for Blackbody: Blossoms details
Tipic for Blackbody: Flying Ribbon on show
Tipic for Blackbody: Wonderoled book
A project for Blackbody / Astron Fiamm.
Design by Tommaso Cora (Tipic) and Aldo Cibic.
Photo by Alberto Parise