At the end of 2010, the production of lighting fixtures has undergone an unprecedented technological change: switching from incandescent lamps to led lighting sources. This passage was comparable to that of internet birth for computer science. During that days Dlight was born, with the idea of taking advantage of the happening technological revolution to launch a new vision not only of lighting but also of making lighting gears.

Unrolling technical content in lighiting

At the heart of everything there was a lean modular approach to design and the radical replacement of every detail and interior part with the smallest possible number of elements made by thermoconductive resins.

Tipic for Dlight: hi-end professional led lighting, modular elements
Tipic for Dlight: hi-end professional led lighting

This elements ensemble has ensured an incredible versatility. The light source adopted is a “stick” made of thermoconductive resin injection molded and equipped with a progressive lens, which allows to vary the light beam according to different needs.

Tipic for Dlight: hi-end professional led lighting
Tipic for Dlight: hi-end professional led lighting

The usage of resins and experimental pigments made possible to remove many standard parts, including even mechanical and electrical metal contacts. We have thus obtained a strong industrial simplification and a low environmental impact with a good lighting performance at an extremely competitive price.

Tipic for Dlight: unrolling technical content for be-spoke installations
A project for Dlight.
Brand Management, Creative Direction & Design by Tipic.
Photo by Alberto Parise.