#tipic #italiangestures is a sequence of installations that responds to people gestures, inviting the audience to explore and interact with objects, space and curiosity.

A dynamic wall follows us by creating a real light wave. A flexible mirror warps our image bending depending how we move. A window opens up and reveals us what lies beyond. The result is a playful interactive exploration of objects and space around us.

Tipic Italiangestures: engaging responsive installation in public space

“We were inspired by the typical Italian gesture habit” – Tommaso Corà sharing about the project – “Italian people instinctively speak more with gestures than with words and we are probably not aware of our ability to garnish a speech using our hands and their possible movements. We wanted to illustrate the developments of our research on gesture interaction and what better way to emphasize it if not being ironic about the very Italian custom to speak with our hands.”

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This project #tipic #italiangestures continues TIPIC’s research on new technologies applications launched one year ago with the creation of the first ever made responsive kitchen ( Offmat’s Tulèr ) and develops applications aimed at the world of retail, interactive art and amusement parks.

“We are bearing witness a new leap in the integration of technology in daily life – Corà keeps talking – the migration of automation technologies from the industrial world in everyday objects and spaces.”

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In Milan 12,911 people took part in the first live testing & emotional analytics of #tipic #italiangestures. We integrated physical interaction with social networks & artificial intelligence libraries to enhance people engagement in an omni–channel experience. We surprised 8,556 people and collected 13,931 smiles!

Emotional analytics by Tipic

One project
Three applications:
1. Catch-A-Glimpse

The user may alter the surface of a wall by controlling a real dynamic wave through his presence and the movement of his hands. The wave movement creates light and allows to see beyond the wall itself. The installation allows to experience an original relationship with our own image, light and movement, through interactivity inspired by kinetic art experiences.

Tipic Italiangestures: new interactions in retail space
Tipic Italiangestures: new interactions in retail space
Tipic Italiangestures: new interactions in retail space

2. Browser-Welcome

The user can widen a hole and reveal the space that lies beyond the obstacle through gesture interaction. The aperture opens and closes following the movement of the hands and stimulating the curiosity. The installation proposes an innovative approach to applications in the world of architecture and retail.

3. Shake-Up

A dynamic and flexible mirror warps our image depending on how we move. The matter deforms controlled by our movements thanks the materials research and the technological application on an interaction inspired by the most traditional fun attractions: the house of mirrors.

Tipic Italiangestures: engaging responsive installation in public space


#tipic #italiangestures is a project made possible thanks to a bold teamwork between pioneer players: Biffi Group, who presents the project within its own space in Milano; Zamperla who contributes with his know-how in innovation and entertainment; Fusina and his unique experience in kinetic installations; Sigma Motion leader in automation systems for industry, 45 Engineering, which along with Tipic, has engineered the mechanical interactions, Alam per Comunicare with his deep experience in communication and Ferappi who has applied his advanced printing technologies.

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#tipic #italiangestures is a project by TIPIC
premiered at BIFFI showcases
Idea, Creative Direction & Project Management: TIPIC
Interaction Design: ZAMPERLA
Installation by: FUSINA
Automation Design: SIGMA MOTION
Engineering Design: 45 ENGINEERING with TIPIC
Texts by: Alessio Alberini
Web interaction: Alberto Speggiorin
Video: Twin Pixel Studio
Video teaser: TIPIC with Andrea Manticò
Photos: Twin Pixel Studio, Marco Dal Maso, Tipic
Special thanks to Stefano Bertapelle