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Innovation is a team sport

For us, innovating is a path made of collaboration in an holistic system that breaks silos and replaces myths with methods, to bring companies to win their match despite the complexity

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We can help you to


Tipic enhance
Do you want to guide the evolution of your business model focusing on your values and strengths to transform them into concrete actions?

Our team will help you to enhance and innovate your business model and your value proposi-tion. We will analyse and cross-reference different data, starting with how you see yourself from the inside, who are your customers and stakeholders. We will subsequently investigate how others see you, what they want, what motivates them to choose you or not choose you, what "journey" they take before buying, by whom and what they are influenced by. From the intersection of this input, we will gather insights to inform future decisions.

Il nostro team ti aiuterà a potenziare e innovare il tuo modello di business e la tua proposta di valore partendo da una profonda conoscenza di chi sei, come ti vedi dall’interno, come ti vedono gli altri, chi sono i tuoi clienti e stakeholder, cosa desiderano, quali motivazioni li spingono a sceglierti o non sceglierti, che “viaggio” compiono prima di acquistare, da chi e da cosa sono influenzati.

Tipic co-creation
Do you want to intensify the innovation culture in your organization supporting the growth of the people who compose it?

Our team will help you training people on innovation design methodologies to implement an innovation culture in your organization. For example we could build executive education journeys specifically designed for your needs, integrating theoretical lessons, testimonies of vertical experts, coaching and hands-on workshops.

We can help you to


Tipic forecast
Do you want to better understand the unspoken wants and needs of your customers to create a competitive advantage that will help you expand your business?

Our team will help you empathizing with your customers and your stakeholders, to create a human-centered corporate culture. For example focusing on their needs, to understand their wishes, their needs and the reasons of their  behaviors. This perspective reframing may let you evolve in new and effective ways your business model.

Tipic strategic analysis for Rehau industry
Tipic strategic analysis for Rehau industry
Tipic strategic analysis for Rehau industry
Tipic strategic analysis for Rehau industry
Do you want to explore the future and the emerging trends to ideate relevant products and services through time?

Our team will support you in exploring possible future scenarios. We will intercept new market opportunities, finding the insights to understand the reasons behind customers' choices. Our aim will be improve relevant value propositions through time. Consequently will combine qualitative and quantitative research, implementing the intuitions with data analysis by using a specific framework. This approach will let us combine the "As is" with "What if".

We can help you to


Tipic innovate
Do you want to innovate in a sustainable way thanks to projects shared with your stakeholders?

Together we can pursue new boundaries, paving the way for new concepts, products, services, initiatives, brands, systems and processes. They will be scalable, sustainable and focused on the human-to-human relationships. We can be your innovation partner.

Do you want to design engaging experiences for your customers and your network?

Whether physical or digital experiences, we will work with you and your team to place people at the center of the project. We will put pressure on emotional, rational and experiential motivations that involve people and build loyalty to your value proposition. Together we will create solutions, fix what doesn't work and build paths for more efficiency and a better brand experience. Both for your organization and for your clients.

Tipic responsive kitchen for Offmat - Gruppo Scapin
Do you want to take advantage of your know-how by applying it in a disruptive way to design new products and conquer new markets?

Our team will help connecting your know-how to the "possible". We will design with you new solutions by carefully interweaving your know-how and key resources with the reading of the context in order to investigate future scenarios. We will thus prototype new concepts to engage new customers in your industry or in new market sectors.

A step forward, together

What can we do together with you?

How we work

Consulting and formation

We share our method through custom-made consulting and formation programs, we support the busi-ness functions, taking care of the professional growth of employees and managers. We transfer our ap-proach and our know-how to develop new leadership, management and customer experience mindsets for all sectors.

Team as a service

We bring our skills in your organization acting as an in-house department. Our team can help your com-pany accelerating new projects, shaping marketing, product development, research and development functions, or facilitating multidisciplinary teams to shape business and design-driven processes through ad hoc collaborative sessions.

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