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Analysis of market and key industry trends

Generating awareness and imagine a relevant future for a b2 transformer

Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions


Transformation of stone materials for the furniture industry


  • Analysis of market and key industry trends
  • Analysis of sales, purchasing and configuration processes
  • Defining innovative strategies and new value propositions
  • Designing coherent storytelling
  • Industrial design and project management

Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions
Offmat Integrated Solutions

The need

Scapin Group, a manufacturing group specialized in the production and transformation of stone materials for the furniture industry, wanted to be a protagonist of the Milano Design Week fair (I Saloni, Eurocucina) with its brand "Marmo Arredo", presenting a kitchen.

The management's purpose was to exhibit a complete and functional kitchen prototype in the fair, aiming to enhance their brand awareness in the BtoB sector.

The insight

Was the brief we received truly aligned with the strategic objectives and context?
Could being part of an exhibit devoted to BtoC brands, shoulder to shoulder with its clients with a competitive approach, really strengthen our client brand awareness?

We answered proposing a reformulation of the design question, studying a solution to be part of EuroCucina Fair presenting not a competitive product, but the group synergies and technological know-how to enhance the concept of Scapin Group as an ideal partner with whom developing innovation and not a competiror for other kitchen brands.

The solution

Tipic strategy planning for Scapin group
Tipic approach for qualitative insights for Scapin group


Make the context explicit

In this first phase, our multidisciplinary team acted as a facilitator, creating an open platform to dialogue with the company and the stakeholders, to clearly identify what to do and how to do it.

In order to map the different reports, decision-making flows and their impact on the company's value proposition to customers, in an extremely short time (only six weeks) we have:

• interviewed key figures internal to the organization (department heads, production supervisors, marketing, sales, board of directors);

• visited the company plants in Italy and Germany;

• interviewed key stakeholders selected among customers, suppliers and opinion leaders

Tipic Vulcans – User centric centered design for Quartsforms
Finally, we analyzed the initial project question by comparing it with the last 3 strategic decisions taken and the development vision in 3 years.

The objectives and related kpi that emerged from the analysis were:


International visibility in the design sector


Articles, posts, quotes, etc...


Bet on the wow factor to emerge in the BtoB sector and create interest


BtoB lead acquisition


Acquire new premium BtoB customers


Acquisition of at least one new premium customer in the 12 months following EuroCucina


Thanks to the work done in the Empathy phase, we helped our client in redefining the design question
Starting point

Designing a prototype kitchen to simulate Marmo Arredo as a kitchen brand at EuroCucina.


Finding a solution to participate in EuroCucina showing the group synergies  and manufacturing know-how, balanced between artisan production and high technology; without being perceived by the customers as competitors but highlighting and consolidating the perception of ideal partners to develop innovation with.

Tulèr - Tipic's responsive kitchen for Scapin Group Offmat business unit
Tipic Vulcans – User centric centered design for Quartsforms

So we proposed the management to pursue the identified puropses, creating a new business unit that would debut at EuroCucina 2016. An independent leading unit with which to experiment, to operate in a dynamic and transverse to the group skills way. This to develop innovative solutions for both the BtoB market and the production of iconic products for niche and non-competitive markets.

This is how OFFMAT was born, the research laboratory of Marmo Arredo, which combines industrial excellence, research and contemporary design with a very specific strategic purpose: to reinforce the growth and profitability flow for all the Scapin Group brands, consolidating their leadership in quality, know-how, reliability and innovation ability, to reach higher market shares.

Tipic business analysis for Scapin group
Tipic business analysis for Scapin group


After defining the objectives, the performance indicators and finding a good solution to participate in EuroCucina, our team dedicated body and soul to the design phase of:
A materials collection
collection in collaboration with Quartzforms.

By adopting a strategic foresight approach we worked on future trends to developed a collection of synthetic stones with unique qualities and identities, that would offer a new imagery of surfaces inspired by natural stone, but original to the trend-setters target (designers and architects) .

Thanks to a precise mix of quartz and pigments, and the manufacturing capabilities of the Quartzforms team, we enhanced a technology to create a unique product, Vulcans.

Tipic Vulcans – User centric centered design for Quartsforms
Tipic for Scapin Group - Offmat integrated solutions

A collection of technological solutions integrated into the kitchen top

in collaboration with Marmo Arredo
and its technological partners network.

Focusing on the technological integration in the furniture, customization and user experience, we designed a modular system of devices for the BtoB market.

We combined the most advanced gesture-controlled interaction technologies to create sensitive and responsive surfaces for a new concept of kitchen activated by gestures.


We disassembled induction cooking systems, faucets, scales, chargers and drawers to understand how they work and redesign them as integrated elements on the same Kitchen worktop, combining the most advanced interaction and control technologies to obtain sensitive and responsive surfaces that would facilitate the main actions commonly carried out in the kitchen: washing, preparing and cooking.

Tipic for Scapin Group - Offmat integrated solutions
Tipic for Scapin Group - Tuler – Offmat responsive Kitchen

Then we focused on how presenting OFFMAT’s innovative offer in an international event dedicated to brands.

We choosed to present the new surface materials (Vulcans, the "impossible stones" born from the collaboration with Quartzforms), the modular system of technologies and the exclusive production tecniques patented by Marmo Arredo in one piece.

So OFFMAT Tulér was born: a "wow-effect" iconic kitchen working as a demonstration platform that would let the Design Week Fair (Eurocucina) visitors “touch” the Scapin Group expertise.

Inspired by tulérs, traditional Emilian pastry tables, OFFMAT Tulér is the today's reinterpretation. Conceived as a single stone slab of a huge size and characterized by sharp and angular geometric lines. A single monolith but rich in details that emphasize the artisan virtuosity and the patented technical productions of Marmo Arredo.
Tipic for Scapin Group - Offmat integrated solutions

See in Action!


OFFMAT was at Salone del Mobile 2016 an excellence example of a group capable of making innovation and working with premium industrial partners as a team, obtaining considerable reactions from sector professionals, who have shown a lot of interest, and also attracting the attention of relevant industrial groups from other commodities sectors.

During the 12 months following EuroCucina, at least 2 new premium customers were acquired.

KPI achieved in the 3 months following the launch of the initiative:

1 of the

0 trends

of the Salone del Mobile 2016 according to Dezeen Magazine, WGSN and Business Insider.

3 videos

0 mln

views in just 3 months and without spending on advertising.


0 +

articles published around the world.

The media return has not stopped yet and is still active on the web.

OFFMAT Tulér, the evident result of the innovation design path made with Scapin Group, was the first responsive kitchen ever presented to the world.

Tulèr - Tipic's responsive kitchen for Scapin Group Offmat business unit


Scapin Group, Marmoarredo


Transformation of stone materials for the furniture industry


Forecast, Innovate, Design Experience, Design product


Team as a service

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