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Customer Experience Design for Albed

Supporting a SME's digital transformation with a human-centered approach

Albed customer experience configurator
Albed customer experience price book
Albed customer experience site


Furniture and interiors


  • Analysis of sales, purchasing and configuration processes
  • Redesign of processes in an omnichannel perspective
  • Development of new languages
  • Design of digital tools for customer experience
  • Definition of a new pricing and sales system

Albed customer experience configurator
Albed customer experience price book
Albed customer experience site

The need

Implementare il nuovo posizionamento, la nuova Implementare il nuovo posizionamento, la nuova proposta di valore e il sistema prodotto del brand in un’esperienza omnicanale consistente e coerente. Accompagnare il cliente attraverso i luoghi e i canali che frequenta, offrendo un servizio chiaro, che permetta di cogliere il potenziale del brand in un ottica di servizio. Semplificare le procedure senza eliminare possibilità, esplodendo il potenziale di customizzazione dell’azienda grazie a processi digitali chiari, pensati sulle esigenze dei clienti.

The solution

Implement the brand's new positioning, value proposition and product system into a consistent and coherent omnichannel experience. Accompany the customer through the places and channels that they frequent, offering a clear service that allows them to grasp the brand's potential from a service perspective. Simplify procedures without eliminating possibilities, exploding the company's customization potential through clear digital processes designed around customer needs.

The solution

1/3 – web platform

We have created a digital guide to the discovery and use of the technical solutions offered by the company for interior design professionals

Albed's target market has changed profoundly from a primarily consumer focus to that of contract projects.

The transition from the B2C market to the B2B market has required a radical change in vision that is reflected in how products are explained, narrated, illustrated.

We designed a web platform that could tell about the brand and its potential according to the needs of different customers and stakeholders.
A digital ecosystem in which each user can find the right solutions for his or her approach and at the same time an evolved system of services that facilitates communication between company and customers.
Albed tipology
We have declined a new identity language for the brand that supports designers in understanding and declining the product, a kind of sensual manual for architects

2/3 – web configurator

We mapped and redesigned product configuration processes in a customer–centric perspective

To enable the company for a conscious digital transformation, we remapped the configuration processes and redesigned them with a customer-centric solution in mind.

This enabled a series of successive innovations in different areas (operations, marketing, design, sales) freeing up energy and enabling the company for subsequent digital transformation initiatives, such as the implementation of a new corporate software application (ERP).
Having redesigned the configuration processes allowed us to create a customized 3D configuration tool. The configurator has become:
• A fundamental sales tool for internal design and proposal generation;
• A communication tool with the customer, who can now access a high level of customization.

3/3 – price system and price book

We redefined the price and sales system by designing a price list as a guide no longer to collections but to the configuration of solutions
The final step in the process of implementing the new customer experience was to redesign the pricing system from a solution perspective.
The company had a full-bodied price list, full of cross-references and crossovers and repetitions.
Starting with the new offering system and brand positioning, we redesigned the list and price generation system so that it was consistent with the idea of offering solutions to customers.
The result were a 150% increase in configuration possibilities and product codes and a 35% decrease of the number of pages in the price list compared to the previous one.
Further enhancing the sales experience, the new price list allows single-page pricing for each solution and is packed with guides that effectively and concisely illustrate the company's enormous technical know-how that was previously experienced as a limitation.


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