your company needs

Innovate and grow on its strenghts.
Know problems and drives of your customers.
Design a service, a brand, or a product that users will love.

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business design is the key

Creativity in business
with methodology and market know-how.

This is what we do,
this is Tipic.

> Discover how we work.

We help companies to grow and change, exploiting resources and expanding culture.

We are marketing strategy & development experts:

Marketing Strategy
Business and Product Innovation
Business Development
Product development

> Discover how we work.

We have a multidisciplinary and complementary experience.

We place ourselves alongside the management team using visual and collaborative tools that allow us to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, making company’s processes co-design tangible, developing insights into briefings and transforming them into operational programs.

Our approach is based on an original method that combines Design Thinking with a Trend-Driven methodology (Qualitative Analysis) that returns to our customers a better knowledge of their positioning, their strengths, customer’s desires and problems. We like to call it Thinkingram.