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My Purpose Canvas

My Purpose Canvas

My Purpose Canvas

Knowing myself deeply as human, defining my purpose 

Purpose is what we pursue on an individual level as human beings. Everyone has their own aim that motivates them to act in their lives; performing this activity will help you define your Purpose as your "personal compass " which is what in Japanese is called Ikigai: "one's reason for being".

Understanding why I do what I do is the starting point, not the ending line

How to use the My Purpose Canvas

1. First Step
Define what you do well, that is, what you are good at and what others also recognize as key competencies. Which talents do you have? Be as honest as possible.
2. Second Step
Define which are the real needs of your ecosystem. Put simply, what do you think the world (or the people in it) needs? What are the problems that need to be solved?
3. Third Step
Reflect on what you enjoy doing or experiencing. Regardless of your abilities, what activities do you do without them being a burden or a duty? What makes you happy doing?
4. Fourth Step
Investigate what you may get paid for, that is what value you bring to the ecosystem in order to receive economic compensation in return. What can you do or create that you can be paid for?

Once you have finished this introspective analysis phase

The answers you will have found will allow you to fill in the intersections between the four main circles defining: Passion, Mission, Profession and Vocation. Pay attention to the elements that lie closest to the center of the diagram, they will be fundamental in defining your Purpose.

5. Fifth Step
Determine your Passion, that is what you are good at and what you love doing.
6. Sixth Step
Determine your Mission, that is what you love doing and what the world (or the people in it) needs according to you.
7. Seventh step
Determine your Profession, that is what you are good at and what you could be paid for.
8. Eighth step
Determine your Vocation, that is what you could be paid for and what the world (or the people in it) needs according to you.
9. Nineth step
Define your aim, the Purpose, by thinking about the elements that lie closest to the center of the diagram. Find your ikigai, that is your personal intersection between what you are good at, what the world needs, what you might get paid for, and what you really love to do.

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