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Design-Driven Innovation Business Model Canvas (ex: Impact BMC)

Impact Business Model Canvas

Design-Driven Innovation Business Model Canvas*

*formerly known as the "Impact Business Model Canvas"

Designing a business model implementing an holistic and sustainable approach thanks to design-driven innovation

The Design-Driven Innovation Business Model Canvas is a tool that will support you in understanding and developing business models that are consistent with your Purpose and that look at the system from a Planet, Network and Prosperity perspective.

Every relationship contributes to the creation of value from a Network perspective in which the stakeholders are both human (people) and systemic (the environment, society, other organizations).

Value is created in all exchanges and contributes to generating prosperity for the eco-system in which we find ourselves.

Designing a business model with a systemic view means widening the viewpoint to all stakeholders and considering how one's network produces value from a prosperity perspective.

How to use the Design-Driven Innovation Business Model Canvas

A complex world involves stakeholders who may have multiple connections with us or our network and co-create value.

1. Value Proposition

The value proposition is what your organization, and you as part of it, prospect for your stakeholders to contribute to the prosperity of the system consistent with your Purpose. Use the Impact Value Proposition Toolbox to design a value proposition from a systemic perspective.

2. Planet

Planet is the lens that according to an impact logic brings together all the stakeholders with whom you can have a relationship centered on our value proposition. In this context, stakeholder is to be considered in its most general sense since it represents not only other people involved but the entire system - environment - in which the value proposition is embedded.

3. Network

Network is the collaborative net where you activate relationships with providers of resources, knowledge, technology and process that enable you to define projects and propose value that would otherwise be unfeasible. This lens brings together stakeholders with whom you can build value in a B2B logic, in their form as resource or activity providers.

4. Prosperity

Prosperity is the concrete dimension of your drive toward the future, comparable with the benefits and costs generated by your value proposition, in relation to the entire ecosystem in which you are embedded and the set of stakeholders with whom you relate. It is an open system in which benefits and costs are dimensions of the relationship with all stakeholders from a systemic value perspective. At its core are strategic objectives, as the cornerstone of our business objective and a direct consequence of our value proposition.

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Design-Driven Innovation Business Model Canvas

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    Design-Driven Innovation Business Model Canvas
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