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Empathy Map

La Mappa dell'Empatia


What does my customer think, say, do, and feel?

Empathy map is a method to get to know your client or target personas to understand their motivations, interests, and expected outcomes. It aims to draw a detailed profile for each personas, client and/or potential client, allowing you to know and understand their needs and problems and subsequently create the most effective strategy for them.

Empathy means understanding the other person by empathizing with his or her experience, looking at the ecosystem from his or her point of view, addressing his or her problems and figuring our his or her needs.

How to use the Empathy Map canvas

1. Start by drawing a profile of the target personas.

2. Second step
Ask yourself questions that open up different perspectives: what do you really feel and think? What is important to the target personas?
3. Third step
What emotions he feels. What is he attracted to and what could keep him awake at night?
4. Fourth step
What is his attitude when he is with other people and what might he say? How does he behave? Is there a conflict between what he says and what he really feels (3)?
5. Fifth step
What does he do? How does he face his challenges? What actions does he take when performing his tasks?

Then, continue by analysing what surrounds the target personas.

6. Sixth step
What motivates or blocks him? What are his dreams, aspirations and expectations?
7. Seventh step
What motivates or blocks him? What are his dreams, aspirations and expectations?

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