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Journey Map

Customer Journey Map


Looking at the detail in order to gain a coherent holistic view

The Journey Map is a tool that helps visualize and understand the interactions through which the stakeholder relates to the business, service, or project. A Journey Map represents in a condensed way people's contacts across different channels, what happens at each step, and what is the degree of satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Through stakeholders experience mapping you will be able to create cross-functional alignment among the teams involved and identify the areas of responsibility. The overview produced by a Journey Map, in fact, helps to frame individual problems within the context ensuring that they are properly weighted and resolved.

You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes; and that’s exactly what customer journey do

How to use the Customer Journey Map canvas

1. First step

Start by making explicit the person whose experience you want to analyze and the type of experience you want to map.

2. Second step

Define the stages that punctuate your stakeholder's experience. Don't just limit yourself to when they use your service or product but look at the journey map in its fullest form. What happens first? What, on the other hand, happens or could happen later?

3. Third step

For each stages you have defined, identify and analyze what the customer do. They interact with what part of the service? What are they thinking? What are they feeling? Who is in the process owner in that specific touchpoint? Which problems your stakeholder runs into? What are the potential improvements or enhancements to the experience?

4. Fourth step

Once the journey map is complete, use it as a means of starting and sharing any useful improvements or ideas to innovate the customer experience.

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