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Phygital open innovation for Zamperla, Biffi and Sigmatek

Fostering innovation through experimentation in a network perspective

Tipic italian gestures Open innovation project


Entertainement, Fashion Retail, Supply chain & automation


  • Analysis of market and key industry trends
  • Analysis of sales, purchasing and configuration processes
  • Defining innovative strategies and new value propositions
  • Designing coherent storytelling
  • Industrial design and project management

Tipic italian gestures Open innovation project

The need

We live in a world where digital and technologies are enabling deep transformations in the experiences of all of us. Is it possible to join forces to explore uncharted lands thanks to the integration of different points of view and know–how? After the Offmat project, with the creation of the first responsive kitchen ever presented to the world, we at Tipic felt the need to investigate how those technologies could involve the user in other areas, creating a bridge between the digital experience and the value of physicality, between Low Touch businesses and High Touch collective physical experiences.

The insight

During our preliminary investigations, we discovered that in our network we weren't the only ones sharing curiosity and the desire to experiment using technologies to create engaging cross-channel experiences that involve the user and give value to often overlooked moments of the customer journey. We have outlined a project that, through the dynamics of Open Innovation, brought the sum of the individuals to an innovative result that they could not have achieved alone.

The solution

Watch Italian Gestures interactive machines in action!


An Open Innovation case study
powered by Design thinking


The Zamperla group, a global player in the world of amusement parks, wanted to investigate the paradoxically most relevant but least planned moment of the amusement park experience, the waiting in line to access the attractions.


Biffi Boutiques, one of the main European talents scouts and re-sellers in independent fashion, wanted to investigate the use of technology as a connection tool between the interior of its stores and the city.


Sigmatek, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial automation systems in the world, in the figure of its Italian distributor Sigma Motion, was interested in new applications of its control systems.


We at Tipic experimented with the integration between technology and matter in the naturalness of the user's gesture in the Offmat case and we wanted to continue to investigate how to design a cross-channel customer journeys using technology as a tool to enhance meaningful experiences independent of the tool used.

Tipic Italiangestures, Indiscreto


Enhance the gestures to emphasize the user experience. This was the starting point in the development of the design concept of Italian Gestures. We connected technology interaction to the concept of expressive gestures, transforming action into emotion, language and communication.

To act as the medium of this transformation we imagined three different mechanical installations capable of translating actions into emotions and an artificial intelligence that was able to return emotions into metrics.

Involving people in an horizontal experience
between physical and digital, based on discovery and interaction.

planning, prototiping, test

A multi-company team that shared know-how, reflections and planning, creating integrated solutions together.

Tipic Italiangestures engenireeng
We have set up several units of study, programming, prototyping and installation, with phases of vertical development and continuous integrations and cross–check.

In this way we were able in a very fast period (4 months), to research and develop a complex project that saw the commitment of over 40 people including engineers, programmers, designers, blacksmiths, mechanics, experts of plastics, managers and other professionals involved into the project.


We started from a common basis, the use of the gesture in body language. And who more than us Italians is famous in the world for expressing their thoughts with codified gestures?

Through the gestures that expresses common emotions, we built the story of a project that had the same meaning: to bring meaning to experience through the collective know–how of an open innovation approach.

Tipic Italiangestures compendium

Key learnings

Open Innovation projects accelerate
individual experimentations and know–how adoption by amplifying their potential and meaning.


Zamperla experienced the use of new command interfaces and user interaction, which it transferred to his following projects, accelerating the integration between the work of his innovation and production departments.


Biffi Boutiques experienced the breaking down of the boundaries between the physical and digital dimension, during the study phase of its e-commerce, affirming its centrality among the resellers who act as a meeting point between luxury brands and research in the fashion world.


Sigmatek found an agile experimentation platform to field its automation technologies, creating new communication interfaces between unusual command platforms, such as gesture recognition tools.


We at Tipic conducted a challenging project with a group of leading partners, conducting a challenging project management, investigating the translation and connection of different skills, experimenting with the connection of the physical space with the digital one, producing innovation through collaboration.

The first live testing & emotional analytics of #tipic #Italiangestures in Milano

Italiangestures, Vittoria
Italiangestures, What Do You Want?
surprised people
Italiangestures, Very Good
smiles collected

We integrated physical interaction with social networks and artificial intelligence libraries, increasing people's involvement in an omni-channel experience.


Tipic Italian gestures is a project designed by Tipic and realized thanks to Zamperla, Sigmatek Italia, Biffi Boutiques, Fusina Lab, 45 Enrineering, Ferappi Industria Serigrafica.

Alessio Albertini (texts), Alberto Speggiorin (coding), Twin Pixel Studio (video), Andrea Manticò di CarattiePoletto (video), Marco Dal Maso (photo), Stefano Bertapelle (blacksmith) participated in the project.


Zamperla, Biffi, Sigmatek


Entertainement, Fashion Retail, Supply chain & automation


Innovate, Design Experience


Open Innovation

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